Ellora65 BRASS Edition
Ellora65 BRASS Edition
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Ellora65 BRASS Edition

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This is the most premium edition of the Ellora65, the all Brass edition.

 There will only be 25 units available to purchase on my website.


10 Solder Kits

15 Hotswap kits


The Ellora65 is the first keyboard in Kiko's Lab Signature Series, meaning that it does not follow the KL design convention, having thicker gaskets, and a screwless exterior with no outside branding.


This special edition does not feature an interior brass weight, as it felt redundant since the bottom case is already all brass.


This is a 65%+ Keyboard, featuring the beloved 65% Layout with a left side macro column and an OLED Screen. The plate is gasket mounted onto thin tabs, in order to give flex when typing.


Included in the Ellora65 Brass Keyboard Kit:

- 1 x Ellora65 Top Case (Sandblasted Brass)

- 1 x Ellora65 Bottom Case (Sandblasted Brass)

- 1 x Ellora65 Switch Plate (Sandblasted Brass)

- 1 x Ellora65 Carrying Case

- 1 x Ellora65 Gasket Set (3mm Silicone Gaskets x 8)

- 1 x Ellora65 Plate and Case Foam

- 1 x Ellora65 PCB (Solder/Hotswap)

- 1 x EC-12 Rotary Encoder

- 1 x SSD1306 128x32 .91" OLED Screen

- 1 x Set of Screws (M1.6)

 - 1 x Encoder Knob (Sandblasted Brass)

Pictures shown are renders only.


Estimated fulfilment is Q2-Q3 of 2022. Components are all made in China.


GROUP BUY POLICY: Group Buys are prone to delays, and therefore while estimates are generally accurate, can not be guaranteed. Once the GB period is over, orders can not be cancelled or refunded. All sales are final.