Kiko's Lab Update 07/20/21

Hello Everyone!

Wow, its been four months since my last update here. Sorry about that. I've been active in the discord channel, but I feel a post here will be helpful to those who don't check in to there.


So let's get started.


Foundry Editions: I've been told these will be completed within the next two days, they are just having the bottom cases anodized. Once those are sent my way, it's fulfillment time.


Aluminum Cases: Production has been completed on over half the cases. They will start to be anodized/cerakoted in batches, and then shipped my way so I can finally get them to you.


PCBs: Last time, I spoke of an issue with the Hotswaps. The factory in China has fixed all of the PCBs, and returned them to me. All GB PCBs are standing by, awaiting to be packaged alongside their respective cases.


Plate Foams: All received.


Packaging: Hasn't arrived to me yet, but is on its way.


3D Printed Cases: Final design has been changed to threaded inserts rather than magnets, and it is Gasket mounted as well. All Aluminum plates for this arrived a while back, and printing is completely underway for these. In fact, I ordered a second printer to speed the process up.


FR4 Kits: Most are packaged, awaiting for their shipping boxes which are yet to arrive to me. These are all good to go besides that.


Polycarb GB: Still awaiting the final invoices, but the invoices for case manufacturing have been paid, as that generally takes the longest we got that out of the way first.




Prototype cases are being manufactured. Once they are in and reviewed, I can start to set a legitimate timeline for the GB, still shooting for an October start.



I'm really sorry for the lack of updates on the website, it's been an extremely busy time in my life, but I promise I'm committed to getting these boards into your hands as soon as possible. Even if I don't update, I'm always doing Kiko's Lab work. As always, please be sure to tune into the discord for the quickest news.


If you don't follow my instagram, you're going to want to! Big giveaway coming in the next couple of months!



Instagram: @kikos.lab


Thank you for tuning in!


- Kiko

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