KL-90 3D Printed Sale

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the sale of the 3D Printed KL-90 Kit.

This run of the KL-90 3D Printed will be limited to 150 units, and will be first come first serve. To choose colors, use this google link after purchasing: https://forms.gle/UY4sr2gfgPqReYEK8

Bottom Case and Top Case will each be printed in a single piece on a Creality CR-10 S5 Pro FDM 3D Printer.

The form will close if it hits 500 entries. Waves of emails will be sent out every 50 entries. 

3D Printed Case Comes with:

- 1 x 3D Printed Bottom Case
- 1 x 3D Printed Top Case (OLED or Dual Encoder)
- 1 x Laser-Cut Raw Aluminum Switch Plate
- 1 x KL-90 PCB (Hotswap or Solder)
- 2 x EC-12 Encoders or 1 x EC-12 + 1 x OLED Screen
- 3D Printed Knobs, 3D Printed OLED Spacer as needed
- Magnets for Case Piece Connections

If you'd like more information on the Case Connections using Magnets, it can be found at my discord server here: https://discord.gg/vV6EjbCwGk

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