KL-90 Aluminum Group Buy Raffle Post

Hello Everyone!


This is the post for the Group Buy Raffle for the Alu KL-90. Raffle form link can be found below, but please read the post in its entirety first.


The Aluminum version of the KL-90 starts at $550. The base kit contains:

1) 1 x KL-90 PCB (Solder default, Hotswap available + $25)

2) 2 x EC-12 Encoders

3) 1 x SSD1306 128x32 OLED Screen

4) 2 x Anodized Aluminum Encoder Knobs

5) 1 x Anodized Aluminum Switch Plate

6) 1 x Anodized Aluminum KL-90 Bottom Case

7) 1 x Anodized Aluminum KL-90 Dual Encoder Top Case

8) 1 x Anodized Aluminum KL-90 Encoder + OLED Top Case

9) 1 x Brass Badge w/ "Kiko" Logo

10) 1 x 3mm Plate Foam

The anodize colors available for the KL-90 Case are: Black, Blue, Green, and Purple. There is also an option for Cerakote White (+$15).

Anodized Accent Colors (Switch Plate and Knobs) available are: Gold, Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, and Pink.


Please enter into the raffle only once. Every winner will be checked, and all emails and shipping cities must match up on the orders, or your order will be cancelled. If the link to the website is shared, any and all orders that do not match a winners email and destination city will be cancelled. If you place an order and were not one of the raffle winners, your order WILL be cancelled, and YOU WILL BE ON THE HOOK FOR ANY CANCELLATION FEES.


You can purchase ONLY ONE KL-90. I repeat, ONLY ONE PER HOUSEHOLD. All winners will also be sent links to purchase extras, such as PCBs and FR4 Plates.


I have partnered with VoxelMods, and he will be running a concurrent GB offering beautiful color matched coiled cables with YC8 Connectors. These cables are made using MDPC-X Sleeves. More info about his Group Buy and cables can be found at https://www.voxelmods.com/kikos-lab-group-buy or his instagram: @VoxelMods.


I also partnered with u/stupidfish1, or https://stupidfish.design to offer Plate Foam as an option during GB as well. Plate foams will be available here on my website and addable to your cart during purchasing.


Sound test performed by Alexotos can be found here: https://clips.twitch.tv/HumbleRacySparrowPeteZarollTie


Finally the raffle. The form will be open Saturday November 21st from 8 AM PST until 8 PM PST. After the form is closed, winners will be emailed. All winners will have until noon (12 PM PST) on Sunday, November 22nd to place their orders. Whoever fails to place their order in time will have their names taken out of contention, and their spots will be re-raffled. If you win and have any issues with ordering, please reach out to me via email or discord and I will sort out all issues. Outside of the final time constraint, you do not need to rush to place your order, so please do not insta-buy and then go for options. For all of our sakes, do it in one purchase.


Here is the raffle form link: https://forms.gle/X17aFPU5ayFL1dtRA


Good luck to everyone! Thank you so much for your interest, and participating in this Group Buy!


KL-90 Solder Layout

KL-90 Solder PCB Layout


KL-90 Hotswap Layout

KL-90 Hotswap Layout

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