Kiko's Lab Launch Date!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Kiko's Lab. I'm Kiko, creator of the KL-90 Keyboard. This first blog post is sort of a test of the site that I'll use as a brief intro to myself.


I got into mechanical keyboards in 2017, and after buying my first custom DZ60, I was hooked. Since then I've been searching for my perfect layout, but could just never find it. Eventually I learned PCB Design, and just created it myself. I work fulltime as an engineer, and I wanted a keyboard that was compact yet maximized my workflow, and I ended up creating the KL-90. After showing it to some people, I decided to run an IC, and now we're at the Group Buy stage!


For some Group Buy information now. As of when I'm typing this (11/11/20), the plan for the group buy is to run a raffle system for the Aluminum KL-90. The raffle will open via a Google Forms link on Saturday, November 21st at 8 AM PST. The raffle link will be open for 12 Hours, and starting at 8 PM PST I will start rolling for 275 slots. Once they're all rolled, I will email all the winners a link to purchase. The link will close Sunday 11/22 at noon PST. Email will be required to purchase, and if the email does not match a winners email, then the order will be cancelled. All cancelled orders lose the cancellation fee from Shopify.


After the Alu GB is concluded, the 3D Printed Case Version will go to a raffle system as well, if demand for it is there. Otherwise it will simply go to FCFS. If it goes to raffle, the FR4 version will be sold on a FCFS basis after the 3DP Raffle. If the 3DP goes FCFS, the FR4 version will also be FCFS at the same time. Extras will be released in a limited quantity after the GB sales is completed. As of right now, the only confirmed extras are PCBs and FR4 Plates.


If you have any questions, please feel free to join the discord and ask questions there.




Thank you all and good luck!

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