Kiko's Lab Update 02/03/21

Early update this week!


This may be the only update post for February, as the wife and I are officially on Baby Watch!


Fulfillment target is still looking good. The machinist unfortunately got caught up with a different project taking longer than expected, but we're back on track with the KL-90.


Aluminum Cases: First Article/Foundry Edition #0 (My Personal One) is at about 50% complete currently. Once it is done and verified, production can begin en masse.


PCBs: Solder and Hotswap PCBs have been verified, QMK and VIA are completed and awaiting official merging to their respective branches. The two PCB versions are in production!


FR4 Plates and Bottoms: These have all arrived to me! I made a mistake however, and they don't support all layouts. It's small fixes to make, and I have the means to fix them myself and so thats what I'm doing.


Lasercut Plates: Still searching for a new manu, but seeming like I'll just do it myself.


Plate Foams: I have not checked in with StupidFish, as he still has some time and always delivers. Don't need to worry about this just yet, I know he's hard at work!


Encoders and OLEDs: As stated last time, these are all here and just sitting, waiting to be packaged!


3D Print Cases: Electrical Work for the garage still isn't complete, and with the baby coming it may take longer still. However, not many cases were ordered so the work shouldn't take long.


Gaskets: Also still just sitting here.


Packaging: I've been struggling with this to find a good supplier. Maybe I need to redesign my packaging or something, but I'm still trying. I'll work with a graphic/product designer if I need to, but I've been trying to manage everything as much on my own as possible.


Polycarbonate KL-90: There are images sent to me from the manufacturer in my discord for the two new color prototypes! They are currently scheduled to arrive Friday 02/05, but DHL tends to move faster with most of the orders I've received. The IC for the Polycarbonate versions will take place in a few weeks (hopefully if I get some free time to work after the baby is here).


I may be MIA for some time over the next couple of weeks, but I'll do my best to answer any questions being tossed around in the discord. If not, there's plenty of awesome people in there who are also able to answer. 


Thank you all, and please stay safe!


- Kiko

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