Kiko's Lab Update 03/03/21

Hello Everyone!


I'm back, and trying to get into the full swing of things! My wife and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world on Feb 18th. I'm on paternity leave, but I'm trying to get as much done for the KL-90 in this time. Things are pretty hectic, but I'm going to try as much as I can.


First things first, updates! I'm only going to address where there has been changes.


The First Article/ Foundry Edition #0 is done being cut, and is just being colored. That one should finally be revealed really soon. Once the shorting issue is confirmed to be fixed, full swing production will begin. Metal for the Alu cases is already coming in, just need to have the first article verified.


PCBs: An issue with the hotswap PCBs was discovered, and so I had the factory correct it. New samples were just shipped out to me, so once the error is fixed those can begin production. The Solder PCBs are well underway production and should be all completed soon. 


QMK/VIA: Thanks to Swiftrax, this is all completed! The KL-90 has officially been ported to QMK and VIAs official branches and releases. It will work out the box.


Plate Foams: Stupidfish has been cutting away, and the first batch to send out to me is almost complete.


Packaging: I found a supplier for the foam inserts that I'm satisfied with, and as for the outer box design, I hired a Graphic Designer to assist me with that. Hoping the end result comes out really neat!


Polycarbonate Cases: Happy to announce the official interest check for Polycarbonate! Here it is:



Things have been going great, and I'm really looking forward to what's to come post KL-90. Keep your eyes peeled, I've got some juicy stuff coming soon!


- Kiko


P.S: The website is in serious need of an upgrade... That's coming. Eventually

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