Kiko's Lab Update 01/22/21

Hello Everyone! I hope you're all doing well.


Trying to keep up with a bi-weekly update path, and there's been some progress since the last post so lets get to it.


Fulfillment target is still looking great, hopefully even sooner. Seems like what we'll be waiting on the most is packaging because I'm so indecisive.


Aluminum Cases: First Article/Foundry Edition #0 (My Personal One) is currently in production already! Hopefully will be seeing that one sooner rather than later.


PCBs: First Article has come in for the Solder PCB, with the Hotswap one coming in the next two weeks. By the time the next update is here, I should have a Hotswap in hands. The Solder PCB was flawless, with every single key working on every PCB. ISO Support works, and I will be building an ISO Board soon with an FR4 Plate. Speaking of FR4 Plates....


FR4 Plates and Bottoms: Currently in Production. Due to the amount ordered it may take another couple of weeks, but as of now it's looking pretty great. Excited for that.


Lasercut Plates: I need to find a new manufacturer for these, as for whatever reason Payment could not be completed to either of the two I had lined up. Don't understand why, but the transactions simply are not going through. I'm only getting about 60 of these, so it won't take long to make. If it comes down to it, I may have to waterjet cut them out myself.


Plate Foams: Last I spoke to Stupidfish, he was finishing up another GB order, and starting on these. I ordered a lot of foams from him, so it will take some time. I won't rush him either, as he's always been an extremely communicative and on top of it guy.


Encoders and OLEDs: All of these have arrived!


3D Print Cases: I got most of the filament in, and the electrical work in my garage remodel is finally approved by the landlord and underway. Printing should start in three weeks.


Gaskets: Already here, just sitting with the encoders and OLEDs.


Polycarbonate KL-90: Still waiting on the two new color prototypes to come in.


This isn't a massive update, but I want to just try and keep this up every two weeks. As always, info will always go into the Discord first. Things are looking great for us all, and I'm super excited for this to continue. There's a couple of projects currently in the works, and I'm so grateful for the incredible support shown by this community.


Thank you all, and please stay safe!


- Kiko

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