C3 Equals Stabilizer Kit v3
C3 Equals Stabilizer Kit v3
C3 Equals Stabilizer Kit v3
C3 Equals Stabilizer Kit v3
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C3 Equals Stabilizer Kit v3

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Redesigned from the ground up after 2 years in the marketplace, the V3 stabs from Equalz are the BEST stabs on the market. Available in 6 color ways, and ships with the new SoulMate gasket pack for the ultimate tuning experience. 

(1/22/22: Only Dark Grey is currently available  other colors will be made available when I receive them)

About the Stabilizers:

  • PCB Mount
  • Screw-in connection with threaded insert
  • Nylon construction
  • Each kit includes parts to make
    • (4) 2u stabs
    • (1) spacebar stab (6.25u or 7u)


Whats Included per kit

  • (5) pairs of housings in specified color 
  • (5) pairs of stems in specified color
  • (4) 2u wires in specified color
  • (1) 6.25u wire in specified color
  • (1) 7u wire in specified color
  • (10) Washers
  • (10) Copper Screws
  • (1) Soulmate kit


The new SoulMate stab films kit is included in every V3 stab kit. The SoulMate pack is full of adhesive bumpers and gaskets so you can tune your stabs to the way you like them without having to secure other materials. 

Each SoulMate Kit Includes:

  • Stab Housing Mat 0.1mm
  • Stab Stem Landing Mat in three thicknesses
    • 0.1mm
    • 0.2mm
    • 0.3mm
  • Wire Dampening Mat
    • Holee Mod Mat in two materials
      • Teflon
      • Poron


    Improvements from V2

    We listened to feedback from the community when redesigning our fan-favorite Equalz stabs. Below are notable changes that have been made. 

    • New molds - Improved tolerance on stems for a more accurate fit in many MX style keycaps
    • New wire manufacturer - Better PVD treatment and razor straight wires for perfectly balanced stabs out of the box
    • Metal threaded insert - much easier to install and retains better in PCB
    • Addition of SoulMate stab tuning kit
    • New packaging - Packed in small cardboard boxes to protect in transit and storage

    About Stabilizers

    Stabilizers are parts that sit under the larger keys on a keyboard to stabilize the key press. Keys that are larger than 2u require a stabilizer. On a typical tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard, the following keys would need a stabilizer:

    • Left Shift – 2u stab
    • Backspace – 2u stab
    • Enter – 2u stab
    • Right Shift – 2u stab
    • Spacebar – either 6.25u or 7u stab